PLEASE NOTE: Oregon governor’s office has allowed a partial opening of businesses, so Bridgetown Forge is pleased to announce the re-starting of smithing classes. However, to insure student’s and staff safety, we have introduced a series of measures to minimize the risk of transmission. We are in the process of scheduling all classes. Please click here to sign up to get our classes schedule and we will send you info about class dates.

  • All classes are limited to 4 students, to allow proper distancing.
  • Students and staff will be wearing a face shield (supplied by Bridgetown Forge for the duration of the class) during active forging; face masks to be worn at all other times, if preferred. Please remember to bring your mask of choice; home-made masks are acceptable.
  • Hand sanitizer will be supplied and its use encouraged; shared tools, if any,  will be disinfected periodically.
  • Door knobs, chairs and other frequently touched spots will be periodically sanitized.
  • Open bay doors and windows and industrial fans will assure efficient and steady ventilation at all times. 
  • Students will be verbally screened via email for potential COVID-19 exposure 24 hours before class date, and again verbally before start of class, to minimize everyone’s chance or exposure. 

We appreciate your understanding of the necessity to take these extra precautions during the ongoing pandemic